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The ACA Open Enrollment Period begins on November 1

and ends on December 15 each year.    

  • This is your opportunity to sign up or make changes to your ACA health insurance.  Other than during this open enrollment period, you would need to have a qualifying event in order to obtain or change ACA health insurance.  A qualifying event could be that you've involuntarily lost health insurance by a job change or move; you've gotten married/divorce; had a new baby; etc.  

  • Individuals who are eligible for Medicaid or Arkansas Works can enroll year-round.  I can help you determine if you qualify for either of these programs and assist you with the application process.

  • Limited Duration Plans are available year-round.  These health insurance plans were introduced in 2019 by the Trump Administration.  Give me a call to inquire about the benefits of these.  

  • Employers are free to start group health insurance for their employees any time of the year.  It does not have to be on January 1st.  I can help an employer create a benefits package that is suitable for both the employer's budget and the employees' needs.

  • Dental and Vision Insurance, Life Insurance and other supplemental insurance policies are not tied to the governed open enrollment period.  These policies can be taken out at any time of the year.